Body measurements for custom dress shirts online and tailored shirt online

The great thing about taking your body measurements for your custom dress shirts online and tailored shirts online is you are guaranteed to end up with a proper fitting dress shirts that enhances your appearance by accentuating your positive features.

At Michelozzo, we make it incredibly easy to measure your body. All you need to do is follow Step 4: Size under "Design My Shirt". You can choose either of the following options: 1. Measure Your Body, 2. Measure Your Best Fitting Shirt, or 3. Standard Size. Just click on the first option " Measure Your Body ".

To create the perfect fitting custom dress shirt and tailored shirt for you, Michelozzo takes the following body measurements:

  • Neck Around
  • Chest Around
  • Waist Around
  • Sleeve Length
  • Shoulder width
  • Shirt length
  • Bicep Around
  • Wrist Around

Measuring your body for a men's custom dress shirt online or tailored shirt online is easy. We will guide you through the entire process by giving you easy instructions accompanied with photos on how to take your body measurements. You can select your preference for slim, normal or loose fit custom dress shirt. It's never been easier to get your own custom dress shirts and tailored shirts online. Start designing now by clicking on "Design My Shirt".