Men's check custom dress shirt and check tailored shirts

If you like men's check custom dress shirts or check tailored shirts, you'll be glad to know that check custom dress shirts or tailored shirts comes in a vast array of patterns and colors. Check dress shirts or check business shirts are just the thing for your casual wardrobe. It is an everyday wear kind of dress shirt. Check custom dress shirts are not generally intended to be worn as formal shirts. If you love checkered shirts, you can still pull it off in the office provided the checks you choose are smaller and more subtle, for an understated look custom dress shirt. It's worthwhile noting that your office attire should be nice and simple with understated elegance.

Terms like gingham, madras, tattersalls, tartan, plaid, Shepherd’s, Houndstooth, graph, all refer to types of check custom dress shirts or check tailored shirts. In recent times, the gingham shirts which has a distinctive pattern type have been experiencing a revival.


Technically, a gingham is not a weave but a pattern type. Gingham custom dress shirts and gingham tailored shirts are made from fabrics which have been woven in a pattern to create a checkered effect. This is done by weaving overlapping solid colored thick stripes (usually, but on always the case, even sized) over each other. The gingham design can be found in broadcloth or twill weave, although the former is more popular of gingham patterns. The black and red gingham pattern custom dress shirts and tailored shirts are a much loved classic. In its earliest days in the 17th century, the gingham pattern was originally introduced into England as a striped pattern. This striped pattern eventually developed into a check pattern during the mid-18th century during the industrial revolution and when England was the world center for textile and spinning. During this period, the most popular gingham color was blue and white in Europe and the United States.